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uGopherServer - the universal gopher daemon

uGopherServer is a modern, TLS-capable (requires OpenSSL to compile, but will compile anywhere there is OpenSSL or LibreSSL in /usr/lib and /usr/include) gopherd intended to be run from inetd (or similar) based off of Gophernicus.

Want it? git clone

To visit a Gopher hole that uses uGopherServer, point your gopher to, port 70 (or 105 with S/Gopher), selector type 1, selector /.

If you have our bespoke Tcl S/Gopher-to-regular-Gopher proxy app running on port 27070 on your machine, you can also try to point a gopher client to that, type 1, selector 1t/105/ (the client proxy included with uGopherServer requires the type of selector just as your client does, as it’s a proxy. then the t stands for “TLS”.)