The Umbrellix Logo. Also a civil emblem of the Evdonia micronation. It's a transparent image with bottom-right corner stripes of red, grey white, celestial, and green.Umbrellix Umbrellix Software House

irca - the ircd for absurdists.

irca, inspired by its predecessor ircd-chatd, represents a development in ircd technology that can best be described as an absurd mish mash of ircu (+D delayjoins), Unreal (qaohv preserved intact), Inspircd (configurable y, q, a, h prefixes), geekshed (SCTP clients and so on) all on a substrate of Charybdis.

Get the source: git clone

The flagship network (Umbrellix, for which this is the website, see the “Chat” link on the navbar, also Channels > #lounge) runs Atheme, but we favor our own Anope fork.

Get the source for Umbrellix-flavored Anope: git clone

Networks known to have used ircd-chatd or irca at one point in their history:

Network name Currently? Network server address Owner’s nickname Operation style notes Back-contributions
Interchat Network is offline 6667 or +6697 demi The admin here is pretty harsh, known to randomly launch into anger when he doesn’t get his way on a feature suggestion or what have you. It can still be an exciting place to chat though. Just be aware of demi’s heavy handed opering style. Many feature suggestions from Interchat made it into ircd-chatd, and from there irca - helpop in whois, idle hiding. Potentially maybe soon channel-reply hiding, although there’s a chance that this just won’t happen.
.. .. tcp only .. .. ..
Umbrellix Uses irca, used chatd 6667 or +6697 Ellenor/Reinhilde/AmyMalik/MelanieMalik Stuff’s pretty relaxed around here. Rage-/kills do occur but they are still rare. Umbrellix is the network for which chatd and irca were written. The “back contributions” would be too numerous to list.
.. .. tcp and sctp .. .. ..