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Announcing the inaugural issue of the Evdonia Gazette

Initially written starting 05:11 UTC on the 22nd of July, 2022 a.d. by Lightning

Between, I believe, the ages of 8 and 12, Ellenor Bjornsdottir was a micronationalist. Her project was first called Grassland, after the patch of turf it was built on in the UK, and then Evdonia. When the nation fell defunct, I believe Ellenor was the President - she was never, and we are not, a fan of monarchy as a basis of government (as opposed to cultural regulation). I find the name somewhat shameful, but I haven’t one better. Today, I revive Evdonia, as a unitary executive republic without sovereign territory under a transitional dictatorship of the Office of the General Secretary/ies (when there are multiple holders), and I, Co-General Secretary of the republic Lightning Bjornsson, publish the inaugural edition of the Evdonia Gazette. As an online-only national gazette, this is a living issue. New issues will be declared each year, and collations MAY be made available at the end of each year. Some issues may contain no articles as nothing happens in a given year.

What does this mean for Umbrellix?

Umbrellix continues as normal and is unaffected. It continues to be an unincorporated entity in Canada, synonymous in practice with our person. Any change in its status would relate to its nature as a foreign business operating in Canada, but Evdonia has no sovereign territory to operate from, so the foreignness of the business would be in question.

Umbrellix grew out of the same idea that created Evdonia - wanting to create something that carries our values, in word and in deed, beyond our potentially-short life.

National symbols?

Not right now. We plan to devise a flag and a state heraldic achievement. We have no national hymn. Functions requiring a national hymn may play instrumental Ode to Joy, on two violas and/or two pianos, in the key of B, with the treble clef played an octave down if that doesn’t leave it in conflict with the bass.


My titles as a person have not changed and I do not expect to be addressed as Their/His/Hir Excellency nor do the Bjornsdottirs expect to be referred to as Her/Their Excellency. You may address us as such if you would like. I hold the General Secretariat as an unpaid position and I will work as required.