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Emily Monnée, 21, found dead of suicide and frostbite

Content warning: Discusses the would’ve-been preventable death of a real person.

At 1am Oslo time on the 19th of January, 2022, Emily Monnée, referred to in life variously as Emily, Lucy, Emirī, and Null, was found dead somewhere in Oslo or Viken county, in Norway. She’d died of suicide, but would’ve died of frostbite had she not.

I reproduce here the obituary that was drafted in October 2021 by the Umbrellix girls when they thought she’d be likely to seccessfully attempt.

To the girl who could never find her place.

Yet another beautiful soul taken by a multiple assault of chronic depression, ostracization and losing several of her friends. I didn’t know her well, but I do know she fought long and hard to build a life for her in spite of it. Ultimately, they fell in, and decided to put a hard stop to it with a lethal mixture of stimulants and sedatives.

“A lot of you cared, just not enough.”

In the months since then, she fought like hell, but between homelessness, a spate of robberies leaving her with only her phone and her hoodie and a cold snap in Oslo in January, her fight ran out on the 19th, a day after her fingers and toes turned black from the cold.

She died hopeless, penniless, free of family (save for one adoptive sister) and barely having lived, but not friendless.